Hello and Welcome!!!

 An evil genius has decided that we don’t deserve a forum on this page.

But we were tenacious!  We were motivated!  And we were very, very sneaky…  Soooo, we created a link to the chapter forum.

Not to be outdone, the evil genius created fiery hoops and lava rivers to hinder our goal of sharing info.  So, I must inform you of the requirements for accessing our forum:

1.  The link will redirect you to another page.
2.  Your first fiery hoop will involve registering for the forum.  You will need:
a) your name                                                                                b) made up password
c) DOB     (to prove that you’re older than 13 years old)   and       d) your gender. (we don’t know why)

3.  After you successfully jump through that hoop, don’t you dare declare victory.  More steps are a-coming….
4.  Another page appears.  This page requests a unique user name for the forum.  Be patient, we lose plenty of heros at this location.  Keep creating a unique name and eventually, the system will accept it.  This is now your forum name.  Use it wisely.
5.  Check the small box that says “Terms of Service” blah, blah, blah.  Hit enter.
6.  The next page that appears should be the ‘Approval Page’.  Okay, this is our fault.  It’s the only place where we can control the drawbridge.  But, never fear…if you are sound of body and twisted of mind (or something like that), then we’ll approve your entrance.

For those ready to take the steps needed for the quest, please click the link below. 

Good Luck!!! 



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