The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is the largest organization (in the world) dedicate to the horror genre.   HWA was formed in 1985 with a mission of “serving its members and its genre”.  (HWA, promo pamphlet).   Since 1987, HWA members has recommended, voted and awarded the Bram Stoker Award to authors who have shown superior achievement in horror writing.   For more information, please visit the official website:  horror.org.

The following services are available to members:

1.  Mentorship Program

2.  Monthly Newsletter

3.  Network opportunities with other horror lovers.

Horror Writers Association: Virginia Chapter (HWA Virginia) is the local arm of the Horror Writers Association.   In addition to supporting the missions of the parent company, HWA Virginia has the following goals:

1.  Create a strong community of horror lovers throughout the state.

2.  Increase & provide mentorship opportunities for members within the state.

3.  Become the go-to organization in Virginia for all things horror related.

Important Info:  The HWA welcomes all fans of horror.  This includes:

* Horror writers     * Screenwriters     * Novelists     * Young adult authors     * Poets     * Academics     * Booksellers

* Librarians     * Editors     * Publishers     * Agents     * Anyone who loves horror.

For further information, please contact the chapter organizer:  Dee Southerland.

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