Holidays and Horror!


Cowering in fear from the unknown, we kept our eyes glued to the television for some sign that everything was going to be alright. Pulling the blanket up tight, I tried to will it into a shield against the inevitable report of impending doom. Without warning, the doorbell rang and my wife moved to answer it before I could stay her hand. There they were. A ghost, a pirate, and the most adorable princess … all looking for candy.

My family and I have a tradition. Since my kids are older, and don’t trick-or-treat, we do the rounds to say hello to the neighbors and then sit down to watch a horror movie. This year we watched the 1941 classic, “The Wolf Man”.

I have to be honest with you, fair reader, I love this time of year. Basically anytime between Oct 31st and the 1st of January you will find me at my happiest.


And it’s mine! All mine!

For us in the HWA-VA Chapter it is a time where we slow down a little (some of us never do) since there are less shows to do and we love to spend time with our families. You may find we do less events this time of year. However, it is a great opportunity to read … read … and read!  I, for one, have read a great book by a fellow HWA-VA member. I also intend to listen to a few classics as well as some books that I have accumulated on my shelf, but haven’t gotten back to.

Behind your favorite author is a living breathing human being who loves the same things you might. We all love spending time with our families (no matter how much they annoy us), partaking in the special time we reserve to sit and think about the world around us, and giving to those who need a little more help throughout the year.

HWA-VA members are very giving of ourselves. From participating in Scares that Care, which is truly a great event helping people who are less fortunate, to more personal pursuits. I do talks at schools and donate my time to the high school to help budding writers get their efforts off the ground.

Authors reach down to help those who need direction or some questions answered and that is what makes being part of the writing community so amazing.

Whether you believe the holiday season kicks off at Halloween (like I do) or stick to the traditional idea of it starting on Thanksgiving, it is upon us or soon will. So, I want to recommend you take some time to download, or buy in hard copy, some of your favorite authors (I can recommend a few) and consider ways to give back during the holiday season.

-Bryan the Writer, Blogger/Northern Ghoul!