Don’t just read horror, participate in it!


The pounding of the heart, the chill up your spine, the goosebumps on your arms. It is all there, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why do we love horror? Is it because we love serial killers and monsters? Not at all. You love horror because it makes you feel alive. Watching your favorite villain, or villainess, work their dubious charms reminds you what it is like to be scared.

Think about the first time you ever saw Cruella De Vile in the movie 101 Dalmatians. If you are like most of us, you saw it as a kid. What was she going to do to those puppies? Don’t remember? Well, she was going to make them into a Dalmatian fur coat. Even kid’s movies can have that little something which unnerves us.

It doesn’t matter if you get your thrills from Dracula, The Mummy, Swamp Thing, Friday the 13th, IT, or any other hauntingly dark show. You need it like the crops need rain. But, why not move past just reading and watching horror to actually become one with the horror. Certainly I am not suggesting you go out and get measured for a puppy fur coat, but you can actively contribute to an association dedicated to horror.

The Horror Writers Association is dedicated to all the creepy crawly things that go bump in the night and you can be part of that world as well. Of course you are going to say, “But, Bryan, I am not a writer.” That’s okay with us. We have a supporting level which brings those people in who just really like horror. That gives you the inside scoop into all things HWA related such as new books, movies and a plethora of events we attend every year. You can get the latest information on all things horror related.

Want to know more about the Horror Writers Association? You can contact any member and they will lead you in the right direction. Of course, you can also go to our website


A busy afternoon at the HWA-VA table

The HWA-VA chapter is dedicated to serving Virginia. We have a few big events throughout the year that you can get into at the cost of just pitching in and helping a bit when the call goes out for volunteers. Those include Scares That Care, Ravencon, and a few others.

Plenty of opportunities to get involved exist and I want to make this your personal invitation to get involved. If you don’t know someone who is already a member, feel free to contact any of the local area Ghouls (I am the Northern VA Ghoul) or our administrator. We can all answer your questions and direct you how to get involved.

Don’t just stand there on the sidelines, come on off the bench and get involved. You’ll be glad you did!

-Bryan the Writer, Chapter Blogger and Northern Ghoul