HWA Virginia Chapter Approved


That’s right!!!  There’s a new organization in town.  HWA-Virginia is a network of horror lovers who reside in the state.  (I know…duh!)

Now that we are ‘official’, let’s get down to business and grow this puppy.

Our #1 goal:   Spread the word.

–  Tell your mother, friends, enemies, lovers & strangers that HWA-Va exist.  Heck, start with the people in the room with you.   Inform everyone you know that HWA-Virginia is available and looking for members.

Our #2 goal:  Get members.

–  Seriously, we need members.  HWA-VA is comprised of dues-paying members.  You must apply at horror.org.

Other goals exist, but the first two (above) are the most important issues at this juncture.   Later, we can focus on convention attendance, community outreach and network opportunities with local businesses.

Don’t forget to visit our facebook page:  Horror Writers Association Virginia.    There’s also a group page, but it’s exclusive for HWA members.

Until next time,